Scale from cad svg to glowforge error

I have produced a test cut from a cad svg and found the glow forge down sized the drawing to cut can this be calibrated as i would of thought it should be size correct and accurate

There are known issues with the way some programs create SVGs and the way GFUI interprets them - generally regarding differences in expected DPI and the ‘responsive’ option. If you don’t want to dig into the export settings of your particular program to sort it out the two easiest ways to solve the issue are:

A) export PDF format instead
B) make a box of known size completely enclosing your artwork (such as 20”x12”) and then using the GFUI’s ruler tool to resize all elements at once to that size, delete or ignore the box before hitting print.

Some people report that making your art board or document size 20”x12” works as well but I find it doesn’t for me.


When a design is selected there is a widget that shows up on the lower right that if clicked on will show you the size and location of what you have selected. If you have selected everything ( CTL-A ) and you know the size it needs to be you can type it in there. I frequently do not bother to size stuff untill this point in any case as this is the point that counts. (unless there are places where there are places that need to be the thickness of the material for example) In any case, if the design is supposed to be 4" and it comes in at 4.638" it is a very simple matter to put it back to 4".


Many thanks for the options . I will follow them and see which option works best thank you

no matter what size of object I am working with, I always start with the “canvas” in inkscape the size of the glowforge print area.

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