Scammed on Craigslist and Glowforge helped (the scammer)


Not sure why this would help?



Thanks for the suggestion - I’ve already passed it along to the team.



Thanks. I submitted a request to support two days ago to verify the ownership of another pro that’s listed on Craigslist, I haven’t heard back yet. Can you please shake that loose too?

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So… what happens to a bricked, previously-stolen Glowforge? Does it go back to Glowforge? Or the person who reported it stolen originally? Or do the police take it?



well criminals LOVE cash.

a cashier’s check means they have to show id to cash it.

likely they would get cold feet.

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Failing any better remedy, maybe someone in the OpenGlow community will want it:

It seems a shame for the hardware to just be trashed.



Quoted for truth



I hope they find the scumbag who sold it to you and you get your money back. Even better if they turn out to be part of a criminal ring that has been stealing Glowforges or other packages and they all get busted.

And I agree Glowforge should fix their registration process to consult the blacklist before allowing it to be registered. It kind of doesn’t make any sense – if the unit is blacklisted, but you were able to set it up… what happens, does it just fail to print?



It’s worth noting that this approach affects resale value for all owners. Another way Glowforge’s cloud-based model subtracts value for customers.



Right now, it doesn’t work at all. I tried resetting it and it won’t make it through setup anymore. It appears to me that after registering it, the next time it started up it bricked itself.

They won’t find the scumbags. Despite having a live license plate number and two phone numbers that I’ve interacted with, the police have given me zero hope of recovering any money or seeing any justice done. $3k flushed down the drain. “Congratulations” “It’s time to start making some magic”

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The Openglow suggestion is a good one–you should definitely check in with them.



A cynical person might think that Glowforge appreciates (and heartily benefits) when people purchase (supposedly) stolen printers so someone else’s money pulls them off the gray market, and then they get filtered back to Glowforge through various police departments…

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Strikes me that glowforge has the opportunity to do the right thing here and work out a solution where Joshua, who was clearly let down by the order in which your blacklist is applied, is not left with this bitter end. Could not not work out a deal where his machine is removed from the blacklist? Why the digging in of heals?



I would also be interested in the answer to this question.



Shipping insurance typically covers theft during shipping. Seems like Glow Forge is not out anything on this particular unit assuming they had shipping insurance. ( which would make sense given how it is mentioned in glow forge policies). Given the opportunity to be a hero, what exactly is stopping you from doing the right by Joshua?

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The situation definitely sucks, but think of the precedent this could set. What happens when someone decides to pretend they were scammed and since glowforge set the precedent of “making it right” they must do so again.



Mark, I’m not sure where I got the idea, but I thought I read somewhere that Glowforge self-insures, or basically does not pay the shipper for their coverage. That may be incorrect, or dated / outdated information, but given the typical costs of ups/ Fedex insurance on 3000-6000 dollar shipments, I would understand why they might have a different approach.

If someone has conflicting info, please correct me. If they are self-insuring, it certainly could influence the direction being taken.



I don’t think it’s ever been stated. Pretty sure they aren’t buying insurance through the freight company, but there are definitely 3rd party shipping insurance companies (that are usually cheaper, and probably negotiate better terms).



I am pretty sure that if you declare something lost/stolen and you have it back in your possession, there are a whole set of new legalities involved with your insurance.

Either way, I’m also pretty sure that none of it is really appropriate to discuss here OTHER than the limitations of the software.



If they’re getting stolen off the FedEx truck, FedEx is responsible, regardless of insurance. If they’re dropping them on porches and pirates steal the box, that’s when insurance should kick in, self or otherwise.

Don’t you think it’s a little crazy that someone is shipping $6k printers and not requiring a signature?

Regardless of insurance situation, I’ve been injured because of the awful policies and reasonable expectation that the software claims were true.

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