Scanned object type



Are Glowforge-scanned images treated as raster or vector?




Both. You can select an outer boundary of objects that can become a cut. Then the fillled object can be engraved.


To jump in on that question… I was thinking about making tool drawer liners from EVA with the shape of the tools cut out. Can I put the EVA on the bed with the tools arranged on it, take the scan, remove the tools and have it cut out all of the shapes?


Yes. You can do the trace to get the outlines of the tools and then cut them. Just need to make sure your background foam is contrasty enough with the tools.


Great, I could put light tools on raw black foam and put down paper mask for dark tools to help with the contrastedness.


Glowforge rocks. I can think of so many ways to use that functionality. wow. thanks!

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