Scanning a precut piece of cardboard

Good morning, all!

I have some precut template pieces of cardboard for plans to build Adirondack chairs, and my husband needs more substantial pieces in order for him to cut his pieces of wood.

Anyone know if I can scan the template pieces and get them cut the exact same size as the original cardboard template pieces?

Also, I have not done any scan to print/cut and not sure what I need to do for that. Just let the GF scan it when I close the lid and choose the wood type and cut option?


Hi, from your dashboard, click the open button. The third choice is scan from camera. That will take you through the process step by step. I hope this helps.

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It will be difficult to do with the GF because there is a max size of 20”. You may be able to take it to Office Depot. What I did was order a set of plans from Etsy, then I brought them into a software called lightburn software ( I then made sure the measurements were the same as the ones on the instruction. I then saved/exported as .svg. THEN I was able to use the glowforge pro pass through slot to print out templates I could use with my router to cut out the pieces. Here’s the one I made.


That’s a cool build! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! :upside_down_face:

Your welcome. :grin:

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