Scanning/Focusing for Almost Two Weeks Now!

I have two lasers that have been sitting now for almost 3 months due to life challenges. Before firing them up again, I cleaned them. One went through the diagnostic startup but would not print (no laser beam). After shutting it down and waiting another day, now it has been “scanning” for 4-5 days. The second one has been “focusing” from day one.

I ran the checks recommended in the “Support” section to include opening and closing the camera switches; cleaning the air assist fan and anything else that was available but with no luck. I reported it to the support team and still waiting to be contacted.

Of course, this would happen at the worst time. Fall sports are coming to a close and I have an order for awards to be presented at the sports banquets. Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like a wifi issue.


So I should restart my WiFi? Will do. Thanks.

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Thanks much for the guidance. One of the two is back on line. The 2nd one is still “focusing.”


Both units are back on line. Now, one is back to the original problem…no laser beam.

The Glowforge is really picky about the wifi signal. Even when everything else in your house is receiving a strong signal it can be temperamental.
Good to hear you were able to connect. Sad to hear one is not firing. Hopefully you will hear from support soon. As far as we know they don’t work weekends.


From the looks of things, weekdays either!!

When you submitted your support ticket, did you recieve an automated reply? If so, that means that they will be in touch with you soon.

Yes I did but three weeks later??

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