Scanning, Processing, then nothing. Can't Start a Job

I turned on the GF to cut a quick item this morning, uploaded a new design, positioned it, hit print when the Ready status showed, got the dialog for Scanning, Processing, then the window would close. Tried a couple of times (it was early, still had hope at that time of the morning) and same. Grabbed a file that I’d most recently had success with. No joy.

I turned off the GF and rebooted. Updated and restarted Chrome browser (in ChromeOS). Still no joy.

11 hours later, turned on, machine ready, I get the Scanning, Processing, and window goes away.

Noticed another ChromeOS update required. Applied. Repeated above. Slightly dejected user, same response from GF on original file tried and a simple engrave.

Latest Time: 6:40 PM EDT

Tried 2 minutes later from and Android tablet running Chrome, same file. Scanning, Processing, then nothing

Cleared cache on browser and tried one more time at 6:47 PM.

BTW: Processing above means “Preparing”

I subsequently tried every browser installed on my main PC. No bueno.

Did you try resetting the Wifi? Hold down the start button for ten seconds until it turns teal, then turn off the machine and restart it?

No. That didn’t cross my mind as the machine is showing proper status, moving the Gantry and laser head and doing all the normal things other than the glowing button and print display.

I’ll give that a try this everything. Thanks.

Just tried process you described. No joy.

Fully reset the network connection and reconnected. No Joy.

I’m kind of stuck waiting for the good Glowfolk Support Staff to notice me I guess.

Latest print attempt: 15:32(ish) June 8, 2018 from sunny Florida.

and being stubborn. Turned off, tried again at 15:28. I give up for now.

Bummer! :neutral_face:

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Thanks for trying. That sounded like it might work :slight_smile:

I had the same issue recently, I went back “home” and brought up a previous job. Clicked to print and waited for the processing to complete and time for job to be displayed. Then clicked canclen and back “home” and started the original file back up. That worked for me, and also I closed the window and restarted webpage before opening original file.

Hope that works!


Thank you for letting us know about this - I’m sorry about the trouble. The team is looking into this now, and I’m sorry I don’t have any other steps to suggest in the meantime. I’ll update this thread as soon as I know more. Thanks so much for your patience!

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I’m happy you’ve got people looking at it. Thanks for letting me know.

The problem started Thursday morning when I turned the machine on for a quick cut before work.

Thanks for the suggestion. None of my previously printed jobs or the new file will get to the point of displaying time to cut. The GF team is looking into it now. Thanks again.

A small bump to see if anybody has had any luck yet. Thanks :slight_smile:

So just out of a sense of hopefulness I tried my GF again this morning. I’m running my first job in over a week right now. I’ve turned down several requests because my GF was inoperative, one of them to do a special wedding piece.

No feedback from the GF team other than 5 days ago, no reason for me to even try printing again other than wanting to see if anything had changed with no expectation that it would work. Surprised. Happy but still surprised.

I don’t understand at this point why anybody who would dare take commissions from people based on using their GF. I currently have no confidence it will perform whenever I turn it on. I don’t even, at this point, have confidence it will continue to perform today based on some of the other recent threads. Hoping for the best.

Thanks to whomever did whatever to get my GF working again. I missed my toy.

@hansepe I am so sorry for all of the uncertainty you’ve experienced! I’m happy to say that we did discover and address an issue with the settings for your Glowforge, but am embarrassed and frustrated that we didn’t tell you we’d done that promptly! As you know, we’re working on providing better and better support, and I appreciate your patience and ability to still say “thanks” while we’re learning.

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