Scanning... (sigh)

Do we have a handy acronym for this yet? Maybe the GFPSOD? (Glowforge perpetual scan of death).
So, here’s what mine does:
It will do several jobs with no issue. Then, after it finishes cutting one, it will go through it’s post-cut process of refocusing and scanning. The focus goes fine, the scan hangs forever. Power cycling the GF resolves it. For a while. Possibly related is that this unit has never been able to reliably read the QR codes on PG material. It fails more often than it succeeds. I clean the lid camera lens regularly. I really don’t think it’s a wi-fi issue. My AP is about 10 feet from my GF. This my my second unit. My first GF was bad right out of the box (laser power issue). A tad frustrated.

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I’m getting the same, though getting stuck in preparing print.
I have a feeling the issues are more the cloud based nature of the Glowforge UI rather than a local application.

Yeah, I had mine get stuck in “calculating precision movement” for much longer than normal this AM, but I know they are having some infrastructure issues at GF that may explain that. Unfortunately it seems like historically the stuck “scanning” issue is frequently a hardware issue. ( I believe it’s a ribbon cable that connects to the lid camera).

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Most common cause is WiFi issues. Even if your WiFi is super solid, lots of things can interfere with the signal to the Glowforge. It could also be the black cable. Or light/reflections confusing the camera. Sometimes there’s a setting Support can tweak that helps.

Search “stuck centering” on the support site for a list of troubleshooting steps to try.

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Short of getting hold of a spectrum analyzer I really don’t have a way to determine if there is some RFI or EMI that might be stepping on the wi-fi to the GF. It would be nice if the GF UI had some kind of signal quality indicator that displayed signal strength from the AP and any network latency/packet loss. I assume they log that sort of thing so maybe support can shed some light on that if it’s my issue.
EDIT: This has never occurred on a power up. Initial calibration (Centering, Focusing, Homing, and Scanning) is always successful. I only get stuck scanning AFTER a print completes. Pretty odd.


It just occurred to me that I do have an inline fan that isn’t running when I first power on the GF but IS running when a print completes. Motor noise issue? I’ll try a few prints with the inline fan off. Would be interesting to see if inline fans is a common denominator for folks that see this issue the most, or just generally have GF issues attributed to wireless connectivity problems.


My issues resolved when I devoted a password-protected 2.4GHz channel to my Glowforge that nothing else can access. Then again, there are only two of us in our house, which limits the number of electronics in use at any given time, and we live in the sticks, so there aren’t any neighbors with gadgetry that could interfere, so that was all I needed to get a clean signal.

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OMG: My Glowforge is now Making Noises and Grinding themselves and stuck on Scanning.

Please give the FIX.

Did the head get bumped? That can make it lose its place and bump into the sides.

This is the exact same problem we had a few days ago that was fixed , do you remember it ?

The Glow Forge WAS DOWN. Please advise glow forge .

That was a cloud processing issue, not a “grinding” issue.

There is another CLOUD issue the Glow Forge is down and making terrible noises

Something is wrong.

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to create your own case for your issue so Support can focus on @steve.zurlo’s issue here, and make sure you get the attention that you deserve for your particular issue.

My issue on both Machines got fixed my Magic , I left for 4 hours and came back and both machines booted nicely and loaded the designs,

Somehow were not all on the Same page;

My machine is Down your is UP

I have an idea this all depends on what time you Start your Machine .

I have found that I have a lot less problems when I leave the Machine 24 hours around the clock.

This maybe because the Initial boot up is getting messed up somehow .

I can also tell you that my TWO machines do not work like they used , over time with these updates little by little , the Speed , the boot up , the Centering , the focusing has gotten my slower.

At this rate the Machines we have will be crippled within another 3 months unless they figure out what is wrong.

At this point I think there lost ,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble. I appreciate you working through all of this individual steps, and for sending over the results.

I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge to review your most recent prints, and review the time frame where you noticed that the scanning process was hanging for a long period of time. It appears the black cable on your lid may be experiencing trouble. I’ve sent a direct email outlining the next best steps, and I’ll now close this thread, and continue following up there.