Scary black ribbon of doom 😬

Mainly this is a note to support that the second photo on the description is the wrong one. (closing is not opening)

Not that folk could not figure it out but it does not inspire confidence and is in a scarier place than the Image suggests.

I have not heard back if indeed the black ribbon is the problem and would like to get that confirmation before messing the old one up, and still not solving the problem because I messed up somewhare.


Nice video!

Thank you so much for taking the time to send over this feedback. I apologize for the error in the instructions, I can see that it is focusing on “Opening” the clip, but the GIF provided is for closing! We’ll get this revised as soon as possible, so I appreciate you pointing it out.

It looks like you may not have received our response from last Monday regarding the information we reviewed from your log files. I’ll re-send the response, so that we can get a black lid cable sent out as soon as possible. Thank you for updating us via the forum, and I’m sorry the email didn’t reach you!

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I would bet also that the connections are a lot easier on polished oak than they are in the corner of the lid ! So a gif showing that might be less intimidating even if doing so on the oak is easier to see which also might be included.


Thank you so much for this feedback. I’ve made sure the team is aware of these instructions, and we are working on getting it resolved as soon as possible. I’ll make sure we mention the polished oak suggestion.

I also wanted to check in and see if you received our direct email response. If you did not, please let us know!

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I did and replied

I’m glad to see that our conversation with you via email is ongoing. I’ll close this thread for now so we can continue to work with you via email.