Scavenger Hunt Tree

I made the Nature Scavenger Hunt Board last year. I felt like I could improve the design and make it more imaginative for kids. I designed the Scavenger Hunt Tree and changed from a square board to a tree. I’m very pleased with the result.


That looks like fun! Do the players get a token to put in the spaces when they find things?


That’s very cool - and I bet you’ll find at least some folks using the trunk as a handle :slight_smile:
I also love that your “Fuzzy?” looks like a Miyazaki soot sprite!


This is great! I like it better than the square one too!

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So fun! The tree really makes it seem a little easier to hold as well, especially for small hands. Great job!

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I like the other one still, but this one is great, too. I made a couple for a friend who has an at home day care.


Very cute!

Great idea and great execution! I can see schools using these for a variety of subjects.