Schedule update (December '16)

From other replies in the forum about missing emails, they usually have been found in the spam or junk mail. We haven’t gotten too many.

You might want to write just to make sure that you are on the list. Also, log into and check your user information to be sure.

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Track record. In Indiegogo I’ve had one project I backed actually deliver (Opal Ice). 50% have disappeared without updates, excuses, apologies or refunds.

20% claim to be still trying but are more than a year late.

The rest are not late (which for me means more than 6 months past original promise - I do cut folks some slack). But communication is spotty and my suspicion is they’re going to tank as well.

For Kickstarter only 15% have failed but I got a refund. Everything else has delivered or is in the process of delivering (or just backed).

Off those platforms I’ve only backed 2 projects - the Earl Backcountry tablet (failed - founder ran off with the money) and GF which is just late.


The best bet is to add and to your contacts, so the emails don’t get filtered.


Do anyone see that they plan to have the laser tube removable so that they can change it to a possible 3d printer?? My thing is what the use of having a 3d printer attachment if the machine doesnt laser anything above 1 1/2 inches, having a 3d printer that prints 1 1/2 inches is worthless… thoughts??[quote=“poonekar_mayank, post:1, topic:3658, full:true”]
Hi all,

I got message from glowforge that the machine is delayed again. Instead of december now I will be getting in july 2017. This is utter nonsense and joke. What makes even wonderful is they delay not by a week or month but straight six months every time. Chinese are 1000 times better.

How many have yo got this message

Looks like I have booked a holy grail.

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The idea is to be able to change it to a number of different things. I am excited about this, because I am very limited on space. Also, whenever I 3d printed something, 90% of the time the part was smaller than 2in.

People are putting there ideas for other expansions here.


The problem with having a non-selective memory is that what people say in passing years ago sometimes feel like yesterday to me. Please don’t forget to post a monthly update this month. thanks.


I think we can all agree that monthly means any time within a given month (as opposed to a span of time). Let’s give the guy some latitude here. If there’s no announcement by month end, I’m sure he knows everybody will pounce. :wink:

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Which is why I said “this month”. History has shown that “regular updates” were not regular. We have never received monthly updates so this is an opportunity for a “reset”.


it’s not like he was demanding, either. pretty gentle reminder.


I want to know why some user keep to receive? when can I got it ? Thanks

like : I am one with the Forge, the Forge is one with me

Those people signed up for the Beta testing program. Everyone else will receive their lasers before the end of August, 2017.


Thank you !

My pleasure! :blush:

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Although to be complete, these new ones are not “betas”, they’re the pre-release units Dan announced in November. It’s supposed to be a larger set of recipients - they’re getting what are intended to be production units (although some component vendors may change). They use it however they want and will get it swapped out for their “real” unit once the pre-relase program ends and they shift to production deliveries.

GF is just using the beta program applicants to pick the people to get the pre-release units.


Just for clarity. There are about 1000 of us that have signed up to receive a Beta or Pre-Release unit. Very, very few of us will be get one of those. The company will decide where to send the few units based on how they think feedback will benefit their development process.


…and according to how they believe the recipients’ comments will influence the public! I suspect this is a larger concern for them.


Guess I should have started a talk show too lol.


They’re doing the right thing sending the initial units to those who already have laser experience. (Those people can provide the right kind of feedback quickly.) :wink:


I’d call the pre-release units quasi-betas or maybe late betas as they remain the property of GF and will have to be returned one day. One way that they are not beta is that they are shipping without any NDA.