Schedule update (December '16)

One of my professors asked to speak to me after class once and told me "you’re getting to be a real bastard to have around’ because I would sometimes correct him during class if it was something important - I didnt want the other students to leave with incorrect information (it was on new technology and everyone was still learning it, even the prof, I was kind about it).

Either way, Ive definitely not been the most forgiving, nor tactful person on the forums here. Ive had my share of posts bitching for more info or whining about delays. If they were going strictly by fanboyism I would probably have been cut out of the running a long time ago!




That’s the kind of engaged student I always appreciated! You kept the class alive with critical discourse. So much better than note-taking zombies.


I’m glad that they sent pre release units to folks who’ve been critical and asked hard questions. It gives your input a little more credence to other buyers, since we know that you’re not just cheerleaders who will gush no matter what.


Sending pre-release units to @takitus and @karaelena sends the message that GF must be pretty confident in the build quality and user experience.


You and I are of like minds there… I don’t hold back. I always try to be honest. If I love something, I’ll tell you as much! If I disagree with the majority, so be it, I’m still going to provide my opinion and back it up with as much fact as I have.

So, if anything, I’d hope that somebody would look at that behavior as “unbiased honesty.” I’m not going to go out of my way to find fault with something, but I’m also not going to go out of my way to praise for the sake of praising.

Hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:

  • Tom

We decide based on getting a big mix of factors including experience, use cases, and many more areas. How critical people have been of us is not a deliberate part of our decision (although granted we’re all subject to subconscious bias).

Part of picking folks like @takitus and @karaelena is that they are going to help us understand if we’re ready, from the perspective of one group of experienced, technical, sophisticated users. Part of picking folks who are not on the forum, are nontechnical, have no expectations beyond the video, have no laser experience, and from whom you will probably never hear, is to see if we’re ready from their perspective.

So far, everything looks good. :slight_smile:


Great. Another confirmation that most of us are too ignorant and not ignorant enough at the same time. Feel like Schrodinger’s cat. (don’t look at me.)

Thought about saying “too experienced” but then I felt like a tramp.


That was my exact thought also… :pensive:


dito, “I’m one of the top 10% here”, yeah, so are like 250 others. :rolling_eyes:


Funding a startup is always a bit of a gamble. Yes, GlowForge is behind schedule. But they are shipping units now. If you don’t think that’s a good sign then ask me about my Plastc pre-order. :stuck_out_tongue: Am I happy that I will get my order about 2 years in? No. But I understand the reasons. Folks, the GF team is trying to do right by us and deliver a good product. I believe that. My recommendation to all fellow early adopters is to take a deep breath, relax, and remember that YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A 40+ WATT LASER ON YOUR DESK! (evil genius laugh)



Revel in your trampiness :slightly_smiling_face:


@dan I agree. I used to fix copiers and when we were backed up with lots of service call and everyone was hopping mad, it was MUCH better to be upfront, call each of the customers and give honest bad news than no news.

Frequent bad news is infinitely better than no news.


It’s unclear to me if we’re talking about pre-release or production units here.
Have there been any production units shipped? If not, when will that begin?
And, lastly, what’s happening in March? Hundreds through February, ramping up in April. but no mention of March.

I’m hoping these, and other things, will be answered in a soon-to-be-released Announcement in February.


  • Tom

A plethora of units? :wink:

I’m curious too. That’s a gap in reporting.



it’s implied in the statement that march will be like february, as they will ramp up in april.

so february: hundreds
march: hundreds
beginning of april: hundreds
middle of april: “oh my god start making more”
end of april: “boy howdy we’re making a lot”
may: thousands


It’s not much of a stretch, certainly. And that’s what I took it to mean as well. But then there’s no need to imply when you’re giving specifics. If he meant “through March” I’d think he would have said just that. Perhaps March things will simply plateau prior to ramping up in April. I’m curious if that’s the case.

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yes but that’s what context does. it’s kind of silly to demand clarification when the meaning is already inferable.

if things were going to change between feb and march, it would have been mentioned, i’m certain.

i get everyone is jumping for info because it’s a slow period, but.


I was just assuming that Glowforge hired a team of ancient Babylonian workers for assembly. Their New Year celebrations occur in March and last many days. Production will be shut down for most of that month.


I demand nothing. I also don’t feel I should have to infer anything. I do thank you for your interpretation though! :slight_smile: