Schools that want to buy

Schools can either pay with a PO or they have to set up a business account. When setting up a business account schools need a copy the business’s W9. I have emailed glowforgde 4 times now going back over 3 weeks and I simply get no response. If anyone at glowforge reads this my school has business account with Amazon if you put a pro model on amazon I can buy it there and skip the W9. I have money I have to spend now please respond

Linking your original post in Everything Else so info isn’t repeated (much :slight_smile: )


Thanks despite still getting no response from glowfodge this forum has been very helpful

I’m sorry for the slow reply - thanks for the link @geek2nurse. We’ve followed up with your email, but please please reply there and let us know if there is anything else you need from us.