Science Club Flipped OUT!

I teach an after school program called Science for Young Makers. I showed them a video of the GlowForge this week and these kids went nuts. These are 3rd and 4th graders and all they could ask me was for MORE videos AND “When do you get yours?” – My goal is to integrate it into the session (the camp goes for five weeks, 1.5 hours per week) that starts after I receive mine.

I guess what I’m asking is this – MORE VIDEOS please? My class goes two more weeks, and I’d love to show them a few more videos of the GlowForge in action.


I second that. MORE VIDEOS!!! please. :grinning:

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Fantastic! I have a high speed of 5 prints from makerfaire that’s just waiting for me to get around to uploading it to youtube. : )