Score does not match art

I was cutting these tokens, and on over 50% of the pieces, I got this error.

The piece on the left is correct. The other two display the error (the rounded part of the pommel is flat). It was random as to whether the right or left pommel had the error.
I double checked the file, and the error did not originate there.


That’s definitely an interesting one! I’m still pretty much a novice at the troubleshooting game, but I can’t think of anything hardware-wise that would cause such a specific, isolated error. Maybe something on one of the belts or rails causing it to skip, but even that seems kind of far-fetched…!

Knowing your process might help in figuring it out.

Did you set up a bunch of copies in your design program? Or, did you copy and paste from within the UI to make the copies?

That it’s happening only on the that particular section of the design is also interesting. If the head were skipping for some reason, I’d expect the rest of the score to be off since the head would effectively have lost steps and not known exactly where its at, unless it was miraculously timed to be the end of the score job and that was the last operation in the entire print.

Would you care to share the file for troubleshooting?


Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m sorry your prints didn’t turn out as expected.

I’m looking into this now, and I’ll update the thread as soon as I have more information.

The file may be too large to share but I’ll try tomarow. I made the file in illustrator making all the copies there so they are all identical, then save as pdf to print.

Were the errors aligned on an X or Y “plane” or different spots (I’m assuming you cut a bunch at once?)

the errors were not along the x or y plane.

Untitled-3.pdf (1.3 MB)
here is the file

I wonder if it has something to do with the swords being filled shapes in the artwork? Normally it would default those to engrave. Does the same thing happen if you make them outlines instead?

I changed my mind about engrave vs outline after running a test and I could test that. the confusing thing to me is that it was inconsistent and there are no points at which it errors. that is in the middle of a curve.

Thanks for your patience.

We’re seeing this, too, and we’ll continue to investigate.

I recommend you create a bitmap copy of your design and engrave it as you originally planned.

Here’s how:

In Inkscape (What’s Inkscape?):

  • Open your file in Inkscape
  • Select all of the artwork in the print that you want to engrave
  • Choose Edit > Make a Bitmap Copy
  • Inkscape will make a bitmap copy underneath the original artwork
  • Click the top shape to select it, then press the delete key
  • You’ll be left with the bitmap copy
  • Save your file as an Inkscape SVG
  • Return to and upload your new file

In Adobe Illustrator:

  • Open your file in Illustrator
  • Select the part of your drawing that you had previously scored
  • Choose Effect > Rasterize
  • Select “Grayscale” in the Color Model drop down list
  • Choose “Transparent” under Background
  • Press “OK”
  • Save your file as an SVG
  • Return to and upload your new file

You can also try resaving your file as an SVG rather than a PDF and see if that helps.

Best of luck!