Score settings for 1/4" cedar

Anyone have some good settings? I checked google spreadsheet but no score settings listed only cut and engrave. For this project I need to make sure that score doesn’t go through and unfortunately I don’t have any cedar scrap to test on. Thanks in advance!

Depends on how deep you need/want the score.

I don’t have access to my settings but I got a bunch of cedar shingles for testing cedar planks. Both are available at Home Depot (although I got my planks cheaper on Amazon).

Be a quick & easy (& cheap) way to dial in your settings. As I recall was highest speed and pretty low power.


I’m new at this, so I’m gonna say, pretty shallow but I need a good contrast. Hope that makes sense.

I’d mimic the Proofgrade thick material score settings, and reduce the power a bit. A full cut through is going to be full power and slow speed.

If the design to be scored is intricate or had a lot of tight angles, look at the HQ score settings to help prevent overburning at tight corners.

If it were me, I’d throw it in at 160 speed and 25 power and just run with it.

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Just FYI, I’ve scored and engraved cedar ( from a cedar log that fell on a friend’s farm) and you definitely want masking, it was super smoky


You were spot on with that suggestion. Project turned out great!!

Thanks again!

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let me echo that quote. i have only engraved, not scored. but it’s a very messy wood to cut/engrave. and not all cedars are created equal, so you’ll definitely want to do some testing.

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One thing to factor in on this is that fresh wood is going to have generally a much higher moisture content than wood that is freshly cut (in @henryhbk’s case) - around double.

Also, conifers produce actual resin (I know we say resin/resin content a lot here). Deciduous trees, like maple, produce sap. Sap is often called resin, which it really isn’t. Sap is clear, mostly water like - maple syrup begins as sap when it is drained from the tap in a tree, and it comes out clear. Resin is the really sticky, gummy stuff.


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