Scoring, Cutting but not engraving

Long time GF owner, but this is an issue I haven’t experienced. I have a design that has engraving, scoring and cutting. The engraving I have set to go first. For days, I’ve been trying to get it to run and when it starts, it moves into position and stops. No error given. This am, I tried something new, changed the engrave to score and it started up just fine. Any tips why it won’t engrave, but doing all other things? thank you in advance!

If this is the only file that causes this to happen, then there is something corrupt in the file. Can you reload the file?


well? this is why we have a community. I should have thought to test another file as long as I’ve been doing this. I got focused on that one for an order. I ran a different file and it engraved. Now to figure out why my file is damaged. thanks so much for the fast reply!

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