Scoring Galvanized

Can the basic model score cheap galvanized sold at JoAnn’s or Michael’s craft stores.

:neutral_face: Nope. It’s not a metal cutting laser. (You might be able to mark it with something like Cermark, but the laser will not actually penetrate the metal. It’s more of a “bonding the ink to the metal” situation.)


Thank you

But you could…

Spray paint the metal and laser off the paint. If you want to etch the metal spray a clear coat and try an acid bath.

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Worth noting from my blacksmithithing days that Galvanization releases a gas when burnt. ‘Metal Fume Fever’ on Wikipedia. Its one of those real bad things I dont want to experience again… I knew of it, but needed to burn the galvanization off some pipe so I could build my new forge. The wind shifted and got a face full of smoke and whatever chemicals in the air.
Basically you get reaaaaal horrible flu like symptoms when exposed to the fumes.


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