Scoring lines are distorted

In the past week the scoring lines have been distorted and jerky. I did some research into this and so I slowed down my speed to 170 and the precision to 60 but it is still doing it.
Any suggestions?

It will be easier to diagnose if you can post a photo of what it looks like. :slight_smile:

Is it “only” scoring that does this? There have been problems with carriage wheels cracking which would cause this but it would affect engraving and cutting operations as well…

Sometimes it doesn’t cut circles right

are your tracks and belts clean?

that would be my first guess. I will now yield to the smart people.


I concur: breaking wheels, dirty track, or bad tension on your belts - 2 of those can be fixed with instructions off, breaking wheels requires a staff member to get here to ship you replacements so hopefully it’s one of the other two!

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