Scoring paper?

Scoring paper should be possible but it might not be as beneficial as you imagine. It’s just a matter of finding the right power setting for the paper to cut halfway through but not all the way through.

I had a 40W laser for quite some time and did a fair amount of paper crafting with it. Scoring with a biro crushes the paper and makes it easier to fold along the line. Scoring with the laser actually cuts halfway through the paper, the paper easily folds along this line but it has a tendency to split and de-laminate. The top half of the paper tends to tear away from the bottom half.

I always found it far more effective to cut a dotted line and fold along that instead. You don’t have to worry about having the exact power settings because you’re either cutting all the way through or not at all.

You can cut multiple sheets of paper but you tend to discolour the lower sheets and burn the top sheets, because you have to increase the power to get through all the sheets. It’s best if you cut one sheet at a time unless you can live with the marks.