Scoring settings help needed

I have a design that I want to score on proofgrade acrylic (not engrave). I am having having trouble finding the the right setting for a deep score. I’ve tried lowering the speed and increasing power but it’s not as deep as I want it. Is anyone able to help with this?

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Have you read through the information regarding manual settings? If not, I suggest that you do, and then do some small tests. For deeper scores, you would want to decrease speed and/or increase power. You can also do multiple passes.


I’m rather lazy when it comes to specifics like this - rather than fussing with the settings have you tried running multiple passes?

Lowering speed and increasing power are possible right steps - but can also make the kerf wider plus acrylic has a tendency to melt back together when overpowered. But if that works for your project those are not bad things.


You might want to try a Cut instead. You’ll likely need to modify the settings for that as well.

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fwiw, a “deep score” on acrylic is pretty much indistinguishable from a shallow one. Acrylic doesn’t get darker or thicker like wood and some other materials, it cuts and scores a very narrow, precise line, and a score is just a cut that doesn’t go all the way thru.

If you’re looking for a thicker line, then defocusing the beam away from the surface may give you what you are looking for, depending on the desired outcome.


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