Scoring through spray paint

Has anyone scored through spray paint? Does it gas off? Safe?

Saying “spray paint” doesn’t tell us/you much as they put anything and everything in spray cans. Acrylic is generally safe. Other things you need to check the MSDS* for the particular item.

*material safety data sheet, can be found on line for just about everything with a little google foo.


All the time.

As stated, check the composition of your “spray paint” for VOCs.

These are both pre-painted then engraved (not scored but no difference, paint is vaporized.


Makes sense. I hadn’t really thought that one through lol. Made this for my daughter the other day and was thinking about something similar (but different theme) for my youngest where scoring would be nice.


I use a lot of acrylic spray paint on a wood and acrylic and then engrave it. I initially researched it quite a bit and didn’t find anything alarming and so far so good. (But I’m no authority on it so take it for what it’s worth.)

These are about 6 different layers of engraved paint.


Scoring I don’t know so much…Engraving yeah.


Love the stagecoach…awesome design.

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