Scrap + Noun Project = Gift Tags

Christmas is never going to be the same, and I’m not sure if that is a good thing. So between the noun project, fonts and scrap pieces of proofgrade plywood and draft board I now have unique gift tags for all the presents I will wrap. I don’t give out a lot of wrapped gifts, though some people get more than one. What I like the best is that the design file has four sets of two or three (depending on fit) overlapping rectangles. The rectangles are sized for different width ribbon. As the rectangles are different colors in the file, I ignore the ones I don’t want and only cut the size I need for the ribbon I will use. The plywood is engraved or scored, plus the glitter glue. The painted ones are all draft board. Cut out the tag, or if you’re smart cut out a piece larger than the tag, peel off one side and hit it with some spray paint. I found three light coats worked gave good coverage. Let it dry overnight before applying masking and engraving. The moose crossing ones I painted a larger rectangle yellow and then cut out the tags (there are three total.) The other two, I cut out the shape and then used the camera to align on the image. I did not paint the backs - they’re only gift tags. I guess the paint didn’t totally dry on the iceberg-polar bear and when I stacked them up there was some paint transfer. Also, the red is very bright red, not the orangish color in the photo. My bad. I’ll just call it snow and dad’s eyesight isn’t what it was, so…

Moose - open source, I think it is what British Columbia uses on signs.
Sheep by Nook Fulloption from the Noun Project
Lake Superior by nathanspangenberg from the Noun Project
santas sleigh by Denis Shumaylov from the Noun Project
Softball by Dinosoft Labs from the Noun Project
Hollywood sign is an svg I found by a google search and shouldn’t be showing
Molly’s tag is a combination of an iceberg I heavily modified, a polar bear and a section of the sheep.
Iceberg by juliana takeuchi from the Noun Project
polar bear swim by Martyn Jasinski from the Noun Project

Here is a png of the moose sign so you can get a better idea of what I did with the rectangles for the ribbon slots.


Cute, and thanks for the design!


The paper gift tags now seem so inadequate!


Absolutely! Besides - a great use of scrap :sunglasses:


Another project added to the list. Thanks!

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Huh! Missed these…they’re cool! (Love the moose!) :grinning: