Where can i buy a new screw for my glow forge? my family member messed up the screw that holds the belt on, its the one on the right side that you loosen when you wanna clean your glowforge… pleasseee i need a new one!!!

The belt goes around a plastic pulley mounted to a metal post that is screwed into the laser arm. Which of those parts did you break? Be specific, take photos, and then email with the details. They can sell you replacement parts.

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its the screw thats messed up, my sis messed up the head of it

i just need a new screw

Take it to a local hardware store (a real hardware store like Ace or TruValue, not Home Depot) and they will help you find a replacement.


ha learn that the hard way, try going the day it messed up late and they were no help at all!

If you feel confident in your ability to measure the screw and it’s threading accurately try McMaster Carr. Otherwise, you should email support to make sure you get the right part.

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Grip length, the length of the shaft under the head that isn’t threaded (the fastener bottoms out and won’t tighten enough to pinch the idler) is also a factor. That’s why I love my tap & die set. I can make my own hardware.
Hey, I’ve nothing better to do with myself.

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