Script (python) for generating clean street renders

I found this python tool for generating svg’s of city streets. I haven’t quite figured out how to generate my own but the examples make it look like it could be super useful for a number of artistic purposes. The link goes to a specific use-case from the author but the generalized toolset is linked in the description.


Great find – the fact that he published using Jupyter (sic) notebooks will make following (and playing with) his code much easier! :geeksquee:


Found a similar tool while scouring github. Also uses openstreetmaps. For this one, you run it by typing in the script name followed by four coordinates that make up the area you are trying to grab followed by the file name you want. “This script takes 5 arguments – left bottom right top name”.


I am also looking into this puzzle of extracting openstreetmaps to svg or other format so i can create maps. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for this! Nice find!


This all looks rather complicated!

It is!
Given the complexity of the problem these are actually pretty simple tools.
The real world issue is that there are just not enough people trying to make clean looking street maps. If there were then you might find a commercial app to do it.

The good part is that this way you get to learn all the details of how it works, so you can customize it to be exactly what YOU want!