Scrollsaw Style Bowls

So these aren’t the scrollsaw bowls you’re thinking of; they are inspired by ones Jules made with glitter glue inlays using a technique bill_laba posted. I have posted a very, very long description of how to make these from a svg icon in the Beyond the Manual section along with some settings used. But here is a picture without all the annoying text.


Ooh, I think your Stickles work came out better than mine.


Oooh! I like the Stickles stuff! Is that a sticker or a glue? :grinning:

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I love witnessing inspiration getting passed along on the forum. These are awesome!


Glue, or at least it is liquid/gel.

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I bet you do! It must be one of the greatest satisfactions after all you have endured to make the idea of Glowforge a reality. None of it would exist if it weren’t for this marvelous machine.
In your place I would feed on it!