Sealing engraved felt

I’m working on making coasters using 100% wool felt. Anyone have suggestions on what to use to seal the engraved and cut areas? The wool felt doesn’t “melt” like a synthetic felt. If I don’t seal it I think the burn will flake off on to the other areas. I don’t want to seal the entire piece as I’m using wool to absorb the condensation. Thanks!



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I haven’t tried real wool, although I don’t think you will have to seal the cut edges. I think experimentation of engraving and cutting, and then roughly abusing the piece to figure out of the burned wool will transfer would be a good test.

The only other thing I can think of is spraying it with something like Scotchgard, but that might cause the other problem you mentioned, of stopping it from wicking away condensation!

Just spray it before you remove the masking.

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Are you familiar with needle felting? Where you stab your wool with spikey needles?
That may help without stopping the absorption.
Not my video -
You won’t need to poke as much as she does, just enough to keep any loose ends attached.


I’m not! Enjoyed the video though! I think I need I need something that will seal it but just the engraved and cut edges.
Thanks for your reply.

Thank you for your reply. I am going to try Gum Tragacanth, which I used to slick leather edges. It is water soluble so not sure if that is a good choice!

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I think you might have the best solution! I am also trying gum tragacanth which I use to slick leather edges. It’s water soluble so may not work. Thanks for your reply.

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You could brush that on before you remove the masking as well.

Good suggestion! Thanks! I am going to try the various things, test and see what works best. Hopefully something works! I will report back once I do some testing. I may also try renaissance wax.

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