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I saw this design on IG and am dying to make it for my home. :blush: Has anyone seen a design like this? (I’m willing to pay.) It seems simple enough, but I am not proficient enough to create it from scratch myself. I’m also wondering how it is strong enough to mount to the wall(?)


Have you tried messaging the Instagram account or seeing if the maker was tagged in the post?


I did send a DM~ I just found what looks like the maker’s page…hoping they respond (or see this post)! :blush:


That’s probably your best bet. As for construction of the piece, id imagine the back part would likely be made from a few layers of hardwood (or maybe one ticker layer) with some hanging holes cut into the back layer or two. The two cupholder looking bits may just attack with peg a peg and hole set up, though i personally would want to try a nut and screw just for security and to make sure they’re not going to give to the weight of the water and (presumably) glass vessel. These are all obviously assumptions and guesses as i’m still very new.


Maybe this will help help you.

I grabbed an image by searching for tropical life. It was a jpeg. Then I traced it with Inkscape trace bitmap function.

I added some glass tube holder.

You can resize the glass tube holder and resize the height of the two cutouts to fit the thickness of material you use. I did 0.12" for the material thickness for the two wide rectangels that are slots for putting the ring holders in. I hope this helps. Not quite up to doing a full tutorial on this, but using Inkscape it took about fifteen minutes. Keep working on these skills.

Right click and download SVG and see if you can work with this. You might want to resize the leaf to get it a bit bigger.



This looks great! THANK YOU for taking the time (your 15 min. saved me 4 hrs - ha!). And your description is all the tutorial I need. :+1:t3: Really looking forward to trying this and playing around with it!

On a side note, in my searches for this I ended up learning about hydroponic plants (something I didn’t know about before), as well as where to find jumbo test tubes (something else I never looked into before :joy:). My GF is increasing my knowledge not only about designing/Inkscape (which I never used before) but also horticulture. Who knew?!

Thank you again ~ so kind of you. This community is awesome!


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