Seattle Space Needle

After my son’s metal model didn’t work, I took a stab at creating the Seattle Space Needle.

Seattle Space Needle files and picture of first run




I did correct some of the middle elements that didn’t work right first go around…

And I used a 1/4 in. wooden dowel.

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Ahhhh, a PNW icon; I must have one. Thanks for sharing your file!

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All of the extra holes make it easier to use the dowel to align the items when you are gluing them together. :slight_smile:

Very nice!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

When the rains arrive this fall (to nice in the Pacific Northwest in the summer), I will take the time to tweak the computer file for two of the legs, essentially removing the rungs to more closely match the more solid configuration of two of the three legs.

Thanks Again!!!

Looks really nice!

Very cool model!

Oh, that’s nice! :grinning: