Second best thing this week


Got the email. Nothing is going to eclipse birth of my first child :slight_smile: but a good night’s sleep and this email are definitely tied for second.


Great! Pro or Basic?


Congratulations! on both counts!!


Great news!!! Wonderful to have your first child, too! :sparkler:


Congrats! Hilarious about a good night’s sleep and this email. With a newborn, you learn to cherish a good night’s sleep even more. ha



Got the Basic.

Ya, I suspect the good night sleep will move up in priority, but that’s a second week thing after the true sleep deprivation sets in.


Sleep deprivation is a vastly under-rated productivity tool. :slight_smile: After all, if you’re up anyway, why not forge something?


Congratulations! (On both counts. ) :grinning::dizzy::boom::confetti_ball::balloon::tada:


Yay!! :tada::tada::tada: for email and Congratulations on the baby!


Eh come up with a system and it’s not THAT bad. (I’m assuming you’re linking sleep deprivation to the baby and not the GF :wink:) We’re going on 7 weeks with our son - I take the 3am feeding, my wife takes the 6am feeding. Swaddles & sound machines are your friend.

Congrats on the baby and the “other” baby!



yes on the swaddling!!!


They ordered the deluxe kid.


Congratulations!! As a fellow new parent (well, new-ish, the Director of the Nursing Department just turned 6 months old), I’m hoping you create some fantastic baby gear with the Forge, and that all is joyful and healthy with the baby.


Hahaha, The forge and a good nights sleep are tied… that brings back those early years!



BTW you won’t be getting much sleep for the foreseeable future tending to both your babies… :sleeping:


You mean there WILL BE SLEEP again one day? Even if I have twins? You’re not joking–There’s really a light at the end of the tunnel? Do I need to wear protective glasses to admire it?


Some eye protection is advisable while tending to babies, my son used to like to play “fountain” when you changed his diaper…


No. Even when they’re grown up you worry about them :slight_smile:

When they were babies I used to go in their room to just make sure they were still breathing.

Now that they’re grown I worry when they’re driving somewhere far (which statistically I shouldn’t since it’s the close by driving that bites most folks) or when they’re out really late (and they don’t even live at home anymore :slight_smile: )


That’s so true… Mine are 30 to 33 and I still check that they are “still breathing”.