Second tile - making progress

125 dpi - full/full, sharpie markers rubbed clean with scotch pad-


What color scotch pad?

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Brown and started with a worn green one

Oh, you did a lovely job coloring it! Totally looks like watercolor, just amazing.


I’m thinking of finishing it with a buffed (car) wax - what do you think ?

Thanks, the secret is (excuse me ) a little saliva; I discovered that if I used just a bit of saliva when I rubbed it down, it gave a nice look, watercolorish or worn stencil, I wiped the spit off with a paper towel and will finish with a wax.

Oh how pretty! (Might need to get me some of that spit.) :smile:


Make sure to post an updated pic after you wax it. I’m interested in seeing the difference.

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Tile with

Turtle wax paste - two coats. Comparing the pics, there seems to be a loss in the color, could also be a lighting issue. ( its time to make a photo booth )After buffing the first coat, I applied a second coat with no color loss. With a very pleasant super smooth feel. My thinking is that a car wax is designed to be protective and heat resistant. I’m happy with the results.


Turned out beautiful!

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