Secret Message for @dan


Good evening @dan . I am sending you this post in a secret font that only you can read :wink: asking for you to reveal the secret production/shipping data for the Glowforge Basic and Pro. During my military days I had a very high level security clearance --> so YES, I can keep your response to me secret from the others and especially the Muse community.

So here is my proposal:

  1. if more than 1,000 total Glowforges have been produced to date … send a reply to this message and be sure to include in the 4th word of the second sentence this embedded code (UPPERCASE the 3rd letter).
  2. similarly, if shipment to me will be on the second anniversary of my initial buy-in … then misspell the third word of the 3rd paragraph (better make it a bad misspeling so I can recognize it easily).

That should do it! Remember, you can trust me on this just like I and so many others have trusted you and your remarkable team thus far.

God Speed … :glowforge::sunglasses:


ROFL! Let me know if it works. :smile:


Ooooh I hate to tell you that it’s been company policy when someone hounds @dan for more info they automagically get booted to the end of the delivery line!



Shhhh! You weren’t supposed to tell that! :female_detective:


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! :slight_smile:




Thank you for writing @bmcgrain! I appreciate it. VERY much.
These instructions were a little complicated,
but I’vedone my best to do what you asked.

I just hope it was enough.




Thanks. Funny thing is thay I don’t understand my instructions either. Guess I won’t be editing the user manual any time soon. Looking forward to my Willy Wonka-esque email heralding the imminent arival of MigraineForge. :sunglasses: