Secret Santa coasters

Did 6 coasters in Walnut Ply for a secret santa gift. (Sorry for censoring one of them, it’s for an unannounced project we both work on).

Cut some cork and glued it to the bottoms. Probably should have cut the cork as 3.9" diameter (the coasters are 4" diameter) to give myself wiggle room on attaching them.

The engraves took for-ev-er, but the end result is nice. Didn’t have time to lacquer them, so I’ll leave it up to the recipient if he wants to go through the trouble.


Very nice! May I ask where you got the cork?

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Cool coasters! :sunglasses::+1:

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Nice work, but for some reason I don’t think your secret identity is going to remain secret for long.


Michaels. It came in a roll. It was a giant pain in the butt.


I see Star Wars… I must like…

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Well done it is…appreciate it, I do. Strong in you the force is.


Strong in you the ‘Forge’ is… :wink:


So much for the “Secret”

Which Santa just got a laser?


Great job!

Uh… that’s just mean!!! Can you at least say the format/media that the unannounced project is in? (i.e. movie, television, video game, book, comic, toys, etc…)

Oh, nice job on the coasters too!

Next set for Reddit Secret Santa (Basically everything he said he liked in his questionaire).

I improved the holder too. No sharp points (ouch) and double reinforced for actual real-world use.


Westorld ones are awesome

Westworld Coasters

Here’s the svg of the Westworld coasters. Not sure why it’s not showing up in the image here though.

hmmm I’m not getting anything when I save that image. Sometimes it works best to ZIP the SVG and upload that instead.

Westworld (538.6 KB)

Here they are zipped up.

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The forum software removes images from SVG files.