Secret Santa Ornaments

I signed up for reddit’s secret Santa ornaments and I got someone who said they don’t have a Christmas tree but they decorate their bonsai tree. I made a whole set in Christmas colors with a Japanese theme. The ornaments are acrylic with painted engravings. The box is stained baltic birch. The inserts are cardboard with felt backing. I enjoyed making this so much and I hope they share a picture on reddit of it on the bonsai.


Wow! They are getting an excellent gift! Those will look cool on a bonsai…


Those are way cool…excellent. That’s thinking outside the box. Now I want to go buy a bonsai tree…


Me too!!


Wow, that is so cool!!

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I love this!!! Wonderful concept and execution.

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Gorgeous! :heart_eyes: Love your attention to detail and having the dedicated areas for the ornaments–safe & snug for shipping and storage and beautiful for presentation. Lucky recipient!!

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That’s beautiful. You really went above and beyond.

I have a secret Santa thing coming up and I just wander through the mall looking for the first thing that costs exactly $25. I’m not the laziest, though, half the gifts will end up being lottery tickets.

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Clever thinking and nice execution.

Just an aside the stain on the baltic birch looks just right for this project.


Thank you! I use the walnut stain the most. :slight_smile:

Well done. I am sure they will love this.

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They will be wowed that’s for sure. Lovely work.