Secure Design Deletion

This has been asked before without any real answer and I would appreciate an update. After we delete a design, are these files fully and permanently removed from Glowforge storage?

I would like to engrave security related data like backup account credentials but cannot do this if these designs are persisted indefinitely. Obviously this is one of the significant downsides of the required cloud service.

Incidentally, Glowforge will need to confirm deletion on demand of customer data (among other requirements) for European customers under GDPR. The current privacy policy seems like it is trying to avoid this by stating that services are meant for the U.S market only but given the that GF markets and ships to Europe this position is most likely untenable. [IAMNAL]


Maybe you can break up the data into files and engrave them in a random order? And some extra files that you don’t engrave, just to add some confusion.

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The company has images of what’s on the bed, and logs of what we do, it would be hard to scramble your own procedures enough to keep what you are making a secret from them.

Oh, wait, I have it.

Create a one-time pad… a simple, easy to remember string like this:


Encrypt the text in your signage with the one-time pad.

Deliver a copy of the one-time pad (printed on flash paper, ideally) to the user. Maintain your own copy in a secure facility.

Now, your Glowforge-made signs are attractive and highly secure. Usability suffers a tiny bit, though.

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No. They are still available in backup in case a customer requests that we restore them (not an uncommon occurrence). We have a feature request in the hopper to let you “empty the trash”.


Thanks for the clear response.