Securing the box for shipping

I’m about to ship my unit back as part of an exchange.

I asked Fedex if they’d be able to strap the box and they said no.

I’m hesitant to use tape on the really nice box I just paid an arm and leg for, but is that the expectation if you can’t get it secured with straps, or should I just try to find a fedex office that can secure it with straps?

I guess I shouldn’t worry too much about the box, since I’ll never see it again (man, I hope they send the refurb in a new box), but I want them to have a nice box to send to the person who gets my machine as a refurb… conflicted.

I used duct tape haha. Not sure it really matters. Wrapped it twice on both ends just next to the plastic handles.


You are kind to worry about the next recipient of your box, but it is more important to hold it securely closed. Tape the heck out of it and send it on its way.


As stated, tape.

Nobody has the ability to re-strap these things.

Also, the early machines didn’t have straps (or tape) anyway.


I actually looked up how much it would cost me to buy the machine that can strap. result: more than the box. :wink:

Was wondering. If a unit was shipped back for repair has anyone received the original box or did they use a new box? I would think that a new box would be used by the repair facility. So any amount of duct tape, patches, chewing gum, etc that helps a road damaged box to make it back to the repair facility would be fair.

Of course the refurb machines would be in their own new box.


Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Tape is fine. As others have stated, that’s how we normally get them back, as the machines to strap them are rare. We ship refurbs in new boxes!