See a list of all badges and their recipients

If the flag is upheld, you’re going to hear about it in a Private Message from someone at Glowforge, (usually Dan, he seems to catch the fun jobs), so if you haven’t gotten one of those, you’re clear.

I’ve had my posts flagged at least a dozen times…I know that because I was the one flagging them.

It’s sometimes the only way to get their attention for something that you need done, like deleting a dead topic once someone has commented on it. If you just ask them to delete a post on the topic, it’s likely to be hijacked and turned into Musical Chairs or something.

That kind of thing doesn’t count against you. If there’s a problem, Dan will usually contact you and either (nicely) tell you to lay off, or pat you on the head to make you feel better, as the case may warrant. (Not going to disclose that count.) :smile:

But that’s how it works. Flagging is not something most folks need to worry about. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you guys want to become Regulars, (and yes, i recommend it, there are a lot of benefits) just try to be really, really active for a couple of months. And read, read, read. It might take some time, but if you’ve already been active recently, it might trip sooner. (No one knows how the Discourse counting system tallies things.)

(Oh and drop some likes on things…making other people feel good is encouraged.)


Well, now that you mention it… :wink:

Glad you’re here.


I know, right? :grinning: I thought we were in the 200K range but looked recently and was amazed to see the forum was closing in on 300K. I gave up chasing the ones I missed because I think they’re either gone or in areas I can’t go (like Beta).

And 'cause I decided to get a life.

No, really.

Yeah that didn’t work out, still check multiple times a day and still amazed by what people are doing with this while I have away :grin:

Well, I’m just a slacker at 284,807. (Wonder which ones I missed?) :thinking:

(We’ll never catch up to rpegg.)

I figured out somewhere there are about 4K that we’re around when @rpegg started the forum sojourn that aren’t accessible anymore. I’ve stayed a pretty consistent 4K behind him for the last year or so - it hasn’t grown so that’s why I think it’s old stuff.

(Surprised I’m ahead of you though.)


I didn’t join the forum until about six months in. (Yeah, I know I made up for it by being a chatterbox since…but I got active right after the first major delay announcement.)

So I missed a bunch up front.

I’ll never catch up even remotely. I don’t even open half of the posts these days. How many times can you tell someone the proper settings to cut a material or the importance of having flat materials? Sucks that your camera is misaligned. Your browser is acting weird on Android… go figure. Yes I get that you are unhappy that you haven’t gotten your unit in Norway yet (Seriously. That sucks. But I can’t contribute, so I generally don’t even open those).

I only really jump in when it’s something new or creative, and rarely do low-level basics support these days. I say rarely… it still feels quite often that I help someone with newbie questions but in terms of the %age of newbie help requests, it’s very low. There are just too many people out there that require the same things over and over for any one person to help, so I pick and choose when to chime in – hopefully I’m doing my part.

What I do read:
I try to read every made on a glowforge post. I read all beyond the manuals that seem interesting by the title. Anything that looks like a discussion of technique, I’m in. Direct replies or mentions of me (Vanity, thy name is evansd2!). All replies to my posts, providing the topic hasn’t wandered too far.

What I don’t:
Most everything about cutting materials that I have no interest in unless it’s a material I haven’t seen used yet. I rarely go back and read replies to posts, only when the topic seems unresolved. (Made on a glowforge is notorious for a lot of “eh” replies, if the post is good but really basic --as in a well-executed engrave-- I’ll comment and say that’s great, but that’s for the poster, and I assume the great bulk of comments will be the same, they aren’t for me, ergo I don’t go back and see all the other “way to go”'s)

I think that reading every single post would just take far too much time. That being said… looking at the ten most recent posts right now:
1 topic I won’t open, not interested.
2 I haven’t seen yet and will read directly after this comment.
6 I looked at the original post, and it has since been commented on. Will not read those, waste of time, the topic is going nowhere.
1 I read the original post on and will go back and see the followup, it had an interesting topic and was not resolved.

(For kicks I looked at the ten beyond that, even worse: 9 threads that aren’t worth going back to, one that was a thread I started but I may ignore it for now, it has a life of its own way beyond my original intent.)

Anyway, we all use the forum differently. I just don’t think that sheer number of posts you’ve read is by itself indicative of anything, so I question the wisdom of using it as a yardstick.


It’s definitely not for everyone, but it is an indication of regular visits and participation, so I guess that’s why it’s one of the metrics. (It’s only one.)

:grin: Nothing more than a bit of useless trivia that the human mind tries to make meaningful.

And indicative of my need for a life :grinning:


I rarely miss a day on the forum. It’s the first thing I do while I’m drinking my morning coffee, and the last thing before I go to sleep at night. When there are only a few new posts I feel disappointed, and go looking for old stuff I haven’t seen yet to fill in the time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: