(See new thread in P&S) Machine not cutting all the way through

So, the other day I was using my laser and it was okay. Today, i am trying to cut harry potter like I normally cut and settings speed 150, full power on PG cut. Normally 1-2 pass i’m okay.

I am using same settings, i tried on nonproofgrade material and proofgrade material and still not cutting all the way through after 2 pass— twice.

I cleaned the lens everything. The material is flat everything.

I don’t think i’m doing something wrong cus it was just working the other day.

Also before I start cutting, the machine wouldnt run away, it would say cooling down first.

Please advice! Thanks

You’ll probably want to copy this message, and start a new thread in #problems-and-support. I would move it over for you, but that won’t create a new ticket for support and they will possibly miss it.




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