Seed Spacing Boards for Raised Beds

Hey everyone, first post! Got my glowforge about 3 weeks ago and have been having such a great time learning my way around it. Finally realized I need to start selling some stuff if I want to afford to keep having this much fun, so decided to list my first product on Etsy today and thought I’d share.

I designed these to help plant seeds the proper distance from each other in raised bed gardens. Basically you can just put it down in the bed, pick which cutout you need based on the type of plant you are planting and put a couple seeds in each one, move to the next “square” and voila! A perfectly spaced garden! Decided to make a little magnetic depth guide as well to stick on them, shows most common seed depths so you can push the seeds right down into the soil the right distance.

Stupid simple, but was a good introduction to designing in Illustrator for me and I had fun making different “themed” boards.

Plan to post more stuff I’ve been working on in the coming days/weeks but wanted to say thanks so much to everyone on these forums for the excellent guidance, and inspiration thus far!



So awesome! I’m about to plant 4 boxes - did you get the layout from somewhere? Or is there a guide somewhere online to the seed layout? I’ll make my own in CAD but wanted a guide to go by if you had a link handy.



Nope did it all using the grid in illustrator. Vast majority of seeds are either 16, 9, 4, 2 or 1 per foot, if you good sq foot seed spacing you can see some images/representations of how they should all fit


Love it!


Interesting. Hope it goes well for you.

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Gotcha - thanks!!

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Also - Tomatoes can be packed a little tighter than 1 foot. I’ve been growing heirlooms for years and have used 5 gallon buckets for several years, putting 2 plants in each bucket. Works extremely well depending on the variety.

What a great idea - and practical cut! Happy sowing.


Practical & pleasing! (function & form)


Great idea. I hope you will share what it looks like when the plants are up and thriving.

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