Seeing ridges on the edges of cut acrylic

I’ve been playing with cutting transparent acrylic and I noticed that all of my pieces have this chatter along the edges of the cuts. wondering if this is an issue with the stepper motors or if it’s something with my settings? i’m cutting at Full power and 170 speed, the proofgrade settings for clear medium acrylic. any input would be great. thanks.


That seems to be pretty standard for cut acrylic - if you need/want a perfect edge take a torch to it! (Brule’ torch, cigar torch, welding torch - whatever kind is easy for you to get your hands on)


Totally normal. :slight_smile:


As @deirdrebeth noted, it’s typical result for any acrylic. “Flaming”, or “flame polishing” is the method used to smooth the edges. But it’s not foolproof.

And I can be a good fool: acrylic will catch fire if you hold the flame against it for too long (done it–don’t let the flame stay in one place relative to the piece for any length of time, or get too close). And be sure your piece is on non-flammable surface, or if holding it, you’re wearing heat resistant gloves.

Many videos on youtube show how to do this method. A shop I get some scrap from said sanding first is the key to good flame polish, and high ‘power’ torch, e.g. oxy-acetylene, is best. Less power density (lower btu) sources (propane or butane) just take more time…


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ve confirmed with the team here that effect is expected. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic.