Seeking Spare Carriage Plate! Will Purchase Today!

Hello Glowforge community!

I am a brand new GF owner and the air assist fan on my carriage plate is currently broken. I have spent the past 11 days checking in with the GF support team trying to get an update on when my replacement will be shipped, but there has been a delay. My business is too young to afford to turn away customers right now, and I am seeking alternative solutions. If anyone out there has a spare carriage plate they would be willing to sell to me, I am looking to buy one and pay you for overnight shipping.

If you can spare an extra part you may have in storage to help a new small business owner out (and if you want to make some money!) I would greatly appreciate it. I will buy your spare from you AND I will send you the one I eventually get from GF in the mail free of charge. Please contact me here or at my business email,

Thank you in advance!

I’m so sorry for the wait. I’ve followed up to your email with your shipment information. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this thread.