Seeking to Buy a Spare Carriage Plate ASAP

Hello Glowforge community!

I am a brand new GF owner and the air assist fan on my carriage plate is currently broken. I have spent the past 11 days checking in with the GF support team trying to get an update on when my replacement will be shipped, but there has been a delay. My business is too young to afford to turn away customers right now, and I am seeking alternative solutions. If anyone out there has a spare carriage plate they would be willing to sell to me, I am looking to buy one and pay you for overnight shipping.

If you can spare an extra part you may have in storage to help a new small business owner out (and if you want to make some money!) I would greatly appreciate it. I will buy your spare from you AND I will send you the one I eventually get from GF in the mail free of charge. Please contact me here or at my business email,

Thank you in advance!

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If you intend for support to see this, you need to post in Problems and Support, or send an email. They don’t browse the community forums.

I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen they’ve had to replace one. Usually because of fire damage. I can’t imagine an owner having a spare sitting around.

That fan is a pretty easily sourced part. The plate is a chunk of metal, you’re saying the plate is broken, or just the fan?

Thanks so much! I posted there, as well. I have already been in touch with support so they are aware.

Just the fan! If you have any advice on where I can get one, please let me know!

Delta Electronics THA0412AD
12v DC @ 0.430A
20.6 CFM @ 15,600 RPM


I just clicked that link and got an error message saying it was private!

Updated with the content. Forgot that was a pm.

Google the part number, pretty sure you can get it at mouser or amazon.

Btw this part info and more are over at openglow, they’ve done a lot of analysis of the hardware.


Incredible!!! You truly just saved the day for me!

Just so you know, a 3rd party fan might come without the connector. Splicing and soldering required.

Oh boy, I know nothing about that…any advice welcome :confused:

When I google the part number I see some fans with and some without connectors. I have no idea whether the connectors are the same or wired the same. Sorry, don’t have quite the initiative to take mine apart to check.

HAha, I would never expect you to! Thanks for checking this for me though!!

My fan junked up a few times. When cleaning it failed, I replaced it with one i sourced by looking at the fan and finding similar online. I believe the one I picked came with a compatible connector but the details are lost to me now.

Totally makes sense! I was trying to find one with a connector but was coming up empty. Will continue searching the web!

All the fans I found with connectors were shipping from China. Defeats your purpose to wait the estimated month for delivery.

DigiKey had it, last time I looked earlier this year.

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I ended up buying that one!! It arrived in 15 hours (if only Glowforge support had that kind of customer service!!) but unfortuantely it is the one without the connector. I couldn’t seem to find one with the connector already on, but I will look again!

bite the bullet and buy yourself some wire strippers and a soldering iron (and solder of course). Watch some youtube videos on soldering and jump into that as well. Electrical tape or shrink tubing will also be needed.