Seen at NYC Toy Fair

Okay, not really made on a Glowforge, but could have been! i saw lots of laser cut things at Toy Fair. I 'll post a few and maybe they’ll inspire you.

These folks had some very nice looking and clever things all made form laser cut woods.Nice designs, handsome choices of woods and they each do something. I liked the cameras, but I wonder how you ensure lights tight interiors? I have to look closer at that. Find the fun mini video with the sliding shutter mechanism: simple!

These were also very ambitious in their designs and offerings.

And this was nice. They had a bunch of different automatons but none of them were laser cut-- all CNC!


Wow, I love automatons. Please post more.

Prolly should be moved to other topic than “Made on…” . That said, I love automata and have been working on one in my head since the pre-order for the :glowforge:. Only put a few of the thoughts on paper… still doing a lot " imaginary designing" of the diorama. Now that work announced (after several decades with the client) march 30th shutdown (although new client may come in…?) I’m hoping for some time off to work on projects like that.


Good luck with your post-shutdown plans.

Looking forward to what you do if you get time for this

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