Select A Printer

My printer does not connect to the website. It calibrates, but when I check on the top right corner, my printer does not show up. It only says “select a printer.”
Wi-Fi signal strong, no problem with internet connection.

If it was unable to connect, you would see “offline”, not “select a printer”…

If this is your first and only machine, the quickest thing I can think to try is to go thru the wifi setup process again to “establish a link” between your account and the machine.

Went through that process many times, as well as restarting router and modem, still says the same thing.

What happens if you click on “Select a printer”?

Mine shows my machine below it that I can select (it’s currently turned off).

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Wow ? You named yours Glowforge? I thought they all had to be different like “Lasey Smith” or something.

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Maybe I am remembering this wrong, but doesn’t select a printer mean to point your wifi at it?

If so, then do what is mentioned below.

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @jeffreyquinn. I just emailed you privately about this, and I’ll await your reply there so we can continue troubleshooting.