Select material button not working

When I hit the material select button and tries to direct me to another page that does not open. I’m unable to select materials of my choice without it scanning a QR code.

I’m having the exact same issue this morning. I think it’s a glowforge issue on the program’s end, a bug or something… Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

If you open a new incognito window it seems to work for a bit.

It’s already been fixed, so clear your browser cache and reload the page and you won’t need the incognito window.


same here, have you found a solution?

how do you open a new incognito window??

the new email says its fixed but it is not even after restart

i cleared everything and it is not work and I restarted still not working

It’s working fine here. You may need to do more than restart, you need to clear your browser’s cache so that you are looking at the newest version of the app.

A hard reload of the page (CTRL+SHIFT+R) also does the job most of the time.


Not working for me either < NO JOY !

It works ONCE when I clear the cache. Then the problem repeats when I try a new project, and only resolves when clearing the cache again. This is not efficient.

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