Select material links not working : glowforge clueless without support ticket

This is where were going to see GLOWFORGE biggest weakness , as getting to them is no joke>
I have called , Opened up a support ticket and No response ,

This kind of thing is my worst nightmare !

Does anyone know if they are working on it?

Having the same problem this morning. I tried using another browser, logging out, nothing seems to resolve the issue at the moment.

No , I do not even think they are aware of it.
This is one of the Failure Points we all knew might happen with them always messing with the webpage.

I cannot get any work done , STOP MESSING WITH THE WEB PAGE !!

No one reading this is messing with any web pages. We are all owners not staff. Staff do not read these pages anymore.


It just something that others can post on there Support Tickets as I did.

There’s no reason to open a support ticket, as it’s a known issue they’re already working on, not specific to you or your machine. I suggest subscribing to email notifications of issues and when they’re resolved here:


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