Selecting PG material for double sided print

First time printing the backside of a PG board. How do you get the GF to recognize what type of board you are using? Even though I set the type on the dropdown menu, I get a Warning that I am using none proofgrade materials and could void warranty etc. Do I just need to make copies of the QR code?

ps… there needs to be a beginner area for stupid questions, cause I am gonna have a lot!

Set the material and go. It’s just warning you because there’s no qr, it’ll work exactly the same.


Does it really say you can void the warranty? I never noticed if it does!

I cut non-PG things on PG settings all the time (as do other people). They wouldn’t put the drop down info there if they only wanted you to use the QR code. Don’t stress!

Yes, it does. (And damage resulting from cutting non-Proofgrade materials is not covered by the warranty, so you’d wind up having to pay for any repairs if you damage your machine cutting something that shouldn’t be lasered. That’s why they flash it.)

They don’t have a different warning for Proofgrade that has been flipped over though, it’s just a generic message. You can safely ignore it if you are cutting Proofgrade materials.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that non-PG warning and not noticed the warranty bit. I’m not concerned… just funny that I just completely ignored it.

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ROFL! Believe me, they cover everything! (And honestly I haven’t paid close attention lately, they might have reworded it.)

They’re just being overly cautious with that message. They have a unique attitude towards their UX design philosophy.

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thanks @jules!

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