Sell My Glowforge Pro w/ air filter NW Louisiana

I’m considering selling my Glowforge Pro w/ air filter; however, I’m not sure about where I should go to sell it. What is a good website? Does anyone have a suggestion?

@Deleted might be interested… This is as good a site as any.


I would post a general location. Selling them with shipping is hard on the machine but local pickups is always good.


Thank you. I will start looking for somewhere local. I had not considered the shipping issues. I live in NW Louisiana.

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Where are you located?
What’s its history?


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I want to find a loving home for my Glowforge Pro. It was good to me. My location is Louisiana, but I see your location is NV.

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Meet half way? :thinking:

NW Louisiana. It is in good condition. I used it for about one year. Purchased it in Aug 2020 and did not start using it until Sep 2020. It has about 6-8 months of use and then I got sick with possible Long COVID or PoTS June 2021 and I have not used it since.

Where are you?

It was a reply to your reply to Kanati in NV. I’m not in the market.

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I apologize.

No worries, it was a joke. (unless you actually needed an excuse for a road trip…)


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