Sell tiles

Made some real cool white tiles with black paint and then engrave. I have seen many on the forum. Anyone have experience selling the tiles. 4x4 or 6x6. I am thinking about framing them and price higher. Any ideas? Thanks!

I made one for my mom for mothers day and she had a coworker ask about price. I guess-timated about $10/tile. Depending on complexity of course.

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Figure out your costs and the cost of your time per piece. Ideally, you’ll be able to double that cost. Take a peek at similar items on Etsy… you can often get a sense if an item is selling by looking at reviews. Anyway, see what they are selling for. I’ll tell you now that $10 for a framed tile is far too low. You should easily be able to get $20 and probably more, depending on the design and how it all looks. Do make sure that the paint is going to stay put, though. :slight_smile: