Sell Your Hand Crafted Glowforge Products on House of Doers

Fellow Doers … Sell your hand crafted products made on a Glowforge at … Listing a product for sale is as simple as a Facebook Post (takes about a minute). Build it … Post it … Sell it … Ship it.


@ryan8 are you affiliated with them in some way?


Yes, I created the platform for craftsmen, tradesmen and artists to sell their unique products. I have a category just for Glowforge Projects as I own a Glowforge Pro and love, love, love what the community is creating.


Good idea! Hopefully you’ll draw some interest with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have it set up for tracking things like sales taxes by state, keeping records for W2 purposes for the people selling there, and that kind of thing? Do you take a commission for tracking that information?

(Might want to expand a little on it to let folks know how the store front works in case they’re interested in selling there. Lots of new users just getting into it.)



Great questions. There are two ways to sell on House of Doers.

(1) Post a Product and we sell it … similar to making a Facebook Post … during account registration which is free we connect with your PayPal or Venmo account and from that point on users just have to post the project to the site and we sell it. When it sales they request a withdrawal and the money is transferred to their paypal account.

(2) Set up a Vendor Store - This is a fully functional online stores that allow you to run your business anyway you like, it allows you to set up taxes (we help with this), coupon codes, shipping preferences, invoices, printable reports, tracking orders and shipments. All is customizable to suit your business.

Inventory is not an issue as you only sell as much or little as you like and all vendors have the option of “Made to Order” to only build orders that are sold.

Our main goal is to build a community that promotes trades, crafts and artists and highlights skills. For more information checkout the site or feel free to email me at



In terms of fee’s (commissions) we charge a 5% transaction fee and the payment processor (PayPal or Venmo) hits us at 3% processing fee. There is no cost to open up a vendor online store or no cost to Post Products.




Awesome! And best of luck with it! :grinning:


Can you give us the lazy comparison to other platforms, like etsy?

Do you have a policy page about what to do with disputes, either with buyers or with you?


Sure thing. Our platform allows you to sell your products either by opening a vendor store or simply by Posting a Product where no store is needed similar to posting on facebook. However our goal is to build a worldwide community of Doers that promotes, educates and highlights the skills of the trades and the trade industries with an online forum and our own branded products. In short our platform is an Etsy type model coupled with Facebook … you can sell via your own store or Post to the Site and we will sell it. All of our policies are published at

Our overall mission is to elevate and promote skilled labor, creative talent and the trades industry.

Thanks for the great questions! And any feedback on how we can grow and promote this community is always welcome.

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Hi Jules, unless you are an employee of the site, they don’t generate the W2 for sellers on the marketplace their site offers (same as Etsy or Reverb or any other marketplace site). It’s up to each shop owner to handle their own taxes according to whether they’re filing as a business for their state & Fed (and have all appropriate city/state licenses) or “hobby”–but all should know the tax laws that impact them to ensure compliance.

For collection of state taxes, there’s usually a threshold on sales before the state requires the marketplace facilitator to start collecting–so for now I expect it’s up to each seller to collect/report the taxes for sales within their own state.


Thanks @ryan8, I’ll take a look for sure! Always nice to have an additional opportunity to market goods, or find new items to buy!

Oh, FYI to all on rates: the 5% is same as the current Etsy rate (applied to both item price and shipping–to help eliminate shops with low item price and high shipping to avoid fees). There’s also a small listing fee on Etsy.

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Actually, not asking for myself, I won’t be selling physical product. (In the good old days, the tax reporting information was handled by the store front/site owner so that’s why I asked. Just so other people would know.)

Do appreciate/understand sometimes just asking to help make others think about it… :wink:

Not sure about your good old days, but have been on Etsy since 2007, and they’ve never dealt with W2s/Federal taxes for the shop owners on their marketplace. But others may operate differently., of course. The collection of state sales taxes just started in 2018 as state laws–and some countries–started changing collection requirements.

Yeah, it wasn’t Etsy. Private storefront. I’ve never sold on Etsy.

Please don’t auto-play videos that are below the fold, its terrible design and a bad user experience.


While I agree on both counts, that’s the current trend. Take Facebook, for example. So while we may not like it, it seems to be the thing to do these days.

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as an old curmudgeon, i would say, “don’t autoplay videos.” it’s really rude to people who might visit your site from a work environment. you could just annoy people away from your site.



  • Facebook while it does auto-play like most sites it does not enable sound by default.
  • News sites are a different story and do what they want, CNET I’m looking at you.

However, I’ve run across very few sites that play audio for videos that are not visible… :scream:


It looks like CNET has learned and no longer enables audio by default :pray:

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Hey, just wanted you to know that (at least for me) your drop-down menu doesn’t show Glowforge Worx on it. I had to do a manual search, then click an item, and them find the category that way. Should be an easy fix!

Visible or not, I loathe it.