Selling GF Air Filter, Chicago Area

Hey All,

I’m selling my Air filter, never used. I held on to it incase we moved somewhere I can’t vent outside and it looks like I won’t be needing it. I’d like to get $500+shipping.

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Hey there! Is this still available? I am in Galena but my niece is in Addison and could pick it up for me. Thanks!

It is!

I’m in Naperville

Perfect! Can you send me a pic. I am waiting to hear back when she may have some time to swing by. I will get back to you no later than tomm:) Thanks!

Sure, I just packed it back in the box. I’ll pop it open and take a picture.

Perfect! She can come by after 4 on Thursday if that works.

This has not been sold if anyone is still looking.

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